Kim's Forgotten Realms

Enter the Tomb of Ashardalon

Party met Karawin Leshon, a distressed mother, who requested the party find what happened to her son Talgren and daughter Charwin who ventured off on an adventure to the Tomb of Ahsardalon a few tendays ago but have not returned. The reward for returning them alive would be 2,000gp; for just their signet rings, 1,000gp; for the return of magical long sword named “Shatterspike”, 5,000gp.

The group met their new meat shield at the Old Boat Inn in Oakhurst, a waystation village, and discovered numerous clues leading them to the Tomb.

The entrance was a chasm. A rope tied to a nearby tree descended us 80’ down to a ledge leading to a stairway which continued down to the roof of a ruined citadel.



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